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Turning the Page on Shabby Chic: Unleashing the Next Chapter of Stylish Living

Updated: May 19, 2023

When I first saw this Burbank apartment, I could tell that it had potential, but it was lacking in character and felt cluttered. My client was a busy professional who wanted a space that felt more personalized and calming. And I wanted to turn the shabby chic inspired and disorganized space into a stylish bungalow feel.

To start the transformation, we began by decluttering and organizing the space. We sold the Shabby Chic pieces that no longer served her style and reorganized the remaining belongings to create a more streamlined and cohesive look.

Before: Dated and Disorganized Living Space. After: Stylish and Functional Apartment.
Say goodbye to chaos and hello to a stylish and functional living space!

Next, we focused on adding personality to the apartment. She already had some fantastic Art pieces to start with, so I chose a few key pieces that reflected my client's personal style and added artwork and accessories that spoke to her interests and passions. We scored big time on a vintage dresser and a 2nd hand rug that was practically brand new.

The end result was a dramatic transformation that my client was thrilled with. The apartment now feels like a true reflection of her personality and is a calm and inviting space that she looks forward to coming home to every day.

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