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Guest Writer Cav Manning on "Decoding the Man Cave: The Untold Impact on Your Dating Game"

Who doesn't have a dirty boudoir story or five ?, And though these smutty tales should make the your pulse race, your heart should pound with excitement rather than horror. Uncover decoding the Man Cave: The Untold Impact on Your Dating Game.

70's man cave bedroom

Sometimes a 'dirty boudoir story' is just the familiar tale of a guy living in a branch of the multiverse where cleaning products were never invented, or a realm where men (and cats) fearfully scurry from a vacuum's suction whine.

When the time comes, and a guy brings a woman back to his crib of delights, he may want to think about what outcome he's hoping for.

Does he want her to: A. Stay long enough to call an Uber ? or B. Feel relaxed enough to consider hanging out ?

Comfort means everything, so I would hope guys pick 'B'. Any dudes in the 'A' category are more interested in unofficially working for Uber, than dating. Here's a few suggestions to turn back boudoir dude-ism. Clean sheets. A bed is basically a giant aroma generator. Like we say in Bedstuy, '[Bed]Spread love it's the Brooklyn way'. Fresh air. If you literally need a hammer to 'crack a window', it's time to re-engage with the outside world. (✋🏾to GOD)

how men live with bed on the floor with gun

-Get that mattress off the floor. You are not a Mafia henchman laying low in the 1940's.

clutching my pearls emoji

(Or are you ?)

-Pick up your shit. Frowsy take-out cartons, discarded socks & petrified underpants don't fall under the title 'self expression'. The least you can do is own your laziness.

-Buy a lamp or two. The mood of any room can be transformed by lighting. Won't do much to change the aggressive whiff of hygiene abandonment, but have I mentioned the benefits of incense yet

-Sage & incense. Buy a giant Sage stick for smudging and beat dodgy aromas into submission! Ancient civilizations used Sage to clear negative energies, and whatever's been feeding his funk has got to go.

Or, he could find some quality incense he likes. There are a million varieties, and they all smell better than the hell spawn fermenting in his gym bag. Talk to Tami. She can help! If your partner needs a habitat makeover, she has E-Design Gift Certificates available for purchase.

One project. Two entwined lives improved. Bargain!


Cav, Your seriously one of the most interesting writers and people I know. Your posts and parties never fail to delight me! -Namaste 🙏🏾

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