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Space Shifter and Spirit Lifter

Tami Brooks is a highly skilled interior designer with an extensive background in Visual Merchandising, offering expertise in creating visually stunning brand displays. With over 25 years of industry experience, Tami seamlessly transitioned into interior redesign and styling, harnessing her creativity to craft exceptional retail, living and working spaces that effortlessly blend brand ethos, style and functionality


Passionate about sustainability, Tami is a dedicated advocate for eco-friendly design practices. She achieves this by incorporating second-hand items, reducing waste, and making interior design more affordable and accessible. Tami's collaborative approach ensures that each project reflects the unique style and personality of her clients.

Known for her professionalism, intuition, and dedication to excellence, Tami has transformed numerous interiors into inviting and harmonious settings. With her dynamic and personalized approach, she infuses fresh ideas and a contemporary edge into her work.

Experience the extraordinary vision of Tami Brooks, an industry visionary whose passion and commitment exceed expectations.

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