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Lisa Written Testimonial
Sharon Written Testimonial
Dilia Written Testimonial

Tami was a pleasure to work with and she delivered a design that makes me happy to spend time at home. I really appreciated that Tami asked me how involved I wanted to be in the design process and how long I’d like the project to take. I felt that Tami worked around my schedule and my expectations. I had ideas of what my design style was before working with Reloved, but I had a hard time articulating what that style was. Tami was able to tease out my style through a series of in-person questions, virtual surveys, and mood boards. Even after getting a better sense of my style, Tami always double checked that her ideas met my needs and expectations. Tami leveraged pieces that I already had mixed with new and secondhand items bringing style, creativity, and class to my design project. I highly recommend working with Reloved Interior Styling.


Brooklyn, NY 2023


R. Seymour Brooklyn, NY
October 2023
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Thank you Tami for providing me with expertise and guidance in redesigning my apartment. Your skills are amazing and on point. Everything you suggested made sense, I could see the vision as it was being created. Whenever I need a expert in home decor and designing Tami will always be my go to person.


R. Seymour Brooklyn, NY
August 2023
Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Thank you Tami for providing me with expertise and guidance in redesigning my apartment. Your skills are amazing and on point. Everything you suggested made sense, I could see the vision as it was being created. Whenever I need a expert in home decor and designing Tami will always be my go to person.

Exterior_1883 schoolhouse_Clarksburg.jpg

"I own a contracting company in Sacramento and I have had the pleasure of working with Tami Brooks from Reloved Interiors on a restoration project and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Tami is extremely professional and has great communication skills which made the collaboration process very smooth. She has a great understanding of budget and timeline, while being flexible and willing to make adjustments as needed which helped keep the project on track. She also brought some unique and creative solutions to the project that really made it stand out to my client. I was impressed by their positive attitude and professional demeanor throughout the entire project. I would highly recommend Tami and Reloved Interiors to anyone in need of a talented and dedicated interior designer."

Mills Construction

Sacramento, CA 2023


Working with Reloved Interiors on my Craftsman home was a fantastic experience! From the start, it was clear that the designer was passionate about capturing the essence of my Craftsman home while incorporating modern touches to keep the aesthetic fresh and to make the home really functional. My designer, Tami Brooks was just the right combination of creative and practical.

She really paid attention to what I wanted while offering helpful suggestions and guidance. She was very professional and also fun to work with. Tami has a gift for putting things together in a way that worked so well. By using things I had with new purchases and vintage/2nd hand finds, she made my space feel unique and stayed within my budget. In fact, she was so good at finding deals, I think I saved money by using Reloved instead of trying to style my space on my own.

I get so many compliments on my living room and it is now my favorite room in my house. I highly recommend Tami and Reloved interiors for anyone looking to create a timeless and unique space. She is truly an amazing talent!

Lisa F.

Sacramento, CA 2023


I had an amazing experience working with Tami from Reloved Interiors for a dining room redesign. I live in Maryland and had heard of her services from mutual friends. My family’s dining room was functional but lacked personalization and character. With the help of Reloved’s "E-design" service, it was completely transformed!


The process was simple, she sent me a welcome kit that outlined the steps in the process and who was responsible for what. Tami took the time to understand my style and the functionality of the space for my family. Tami proposed easy-to-implement additions and sourced some customized art that truly reflected my personality and amplified the over all vibve of the space.


The results exceeded my expectations! The dining room now has the character and style I always wanted. Friends and family love the transformation and have showered me with compliments.


I highly recommend Tami and Reloved Interiors for anyone seeking an exceptional interior design experience in person or digitally. Her attention to detail and ability to find unique pieces create personalized spaces are remarkable. I will definitely reach out to Reloved Interiors for future projects.

Thank you, Tami for creating a dining room I absolutely love. Keep up the fantastic work!

-Giovi B.



Sharon Gilligan-Burbank106_edited_edited.jpg

 "I am absolutely thrilled with the new look of my apartment. Tami from Reloved Interiors truly understood my style and vision, and was able to bring it to life in a way that exceeded my expectations. We used a lot of what I already had and even still the space feels brighter, more open, and more functional. I am so happy with the results and would highly recommend Tami to anyone looking to refresh their home's interior."

Sharon G

Burbank, CA 2023


"The work that Tami does with ReLoved NY turns a mundane space into a stunning space that actually shifts you into a more peaceful mood. She has such an eye for the art of placement and color. I am forever grateful for her time and talent in shifting my space into one that I LOVE. Every guest who comes over comments on the way they feel when they are in my space. She knows all the tricks to the trade in finding great pieces and shifting the pieces I already had! Tami is amazing to work with and always made sure my likes came first. She would then put her magnificent touch on my choices. She is a true collaborator and will do as much as you are comfortable with. I would HIGHLY recommend working with Tami!"


Dilia J

Queens, NY 2019


"Working with Tami was a pleasure. She knows a lot about design, and various tricks of the trade to maximize the functionality of a space. She helped with my living room by recommending colors, a new floor plan, new furniture pieces, and accessories that helped me fall in love with my space again. Thank you, Tami!"

Sabina L.

Oakland, CA 2019

Loft to Office.jpg

"My husband, toddler and I needed to move out of our last apartment with great haste and took the first place we could find in our budget and preferred neighborhood. This led to a lot of “renter’s remorse” - our new place didn’t feel like home - and we didn’t feel motivated to do much with it. I met Tami at a local networking event where she was presenting on REloved and I spoke with her about helping us with our situation. After discussing our needs with me, she worked in our place when we were out of town. When we returned we were SO surprised at how she was able to overhaul our common space in such a way that now feel happy to hang out there and invite people over! We were so pleased that we’re now working with her to create a home office.  We’re so thrilled that we can now feel good about coming home at the end of the day."

Nanika C

Brooklyn, NY 2019


Tami shared several ideas for how I could make small shifts in how the furniture, plants and lighting were arranged to produce big transformations. For example, organizing my bookshelf by color and moving around some furniture and plants I already had in the home, made the spaces feel intentional and artful. I am feeling excited and reconnected with my rental, which goes way beyond my expectations.

Karma B

Portland, OR 2019


I was feeling disconnected and uninspired with my Airbnb rental, which is a two bed two bath, two-story house. I needed some direction and contacted Tami at reloved. We decided to focus on an underutilized loft space at the top of the stairs. After a couple of conversations, Tami was able to help me come up with ideas to transform the space in a way that represented me, and not just what “looks cool”. We created an intimate meditation space that is amazing! I felt seen and celebrated and never judged.

Karma B

Portland, OR 2019

IMG_9689 2.jpg

Tami transformed my basic Bedstuy studio apartment into a place that I am now proud to call my home. She took my small space and made it functional and comfortable. Essentially taking pieces of my personality, style, energy and infusing it into her design. I love it!  

Ashley T

Brooklyn, NY 2018

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Karma Written Testimonial
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