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The Art of Showcasing: How My Visual Merchandising Past Ignites My Interior Design Present

After over 30 years as a visual merchandiser for esteemed retailers like Polo Ralph Lauren, Estée Lauder and Nordstrom, I realized those talents could powerfully translate into a new career as an interior designer. While they seem like different industries, visual merchandising and interior design share core principles of aesthetics, functionality and crafting compelling spaces.

One space sells products, the other lifestyle and comfort. But the ability to arrange elements for optimal visual impact applies to both.

Like thoughtfully choreographing a store layout, interior design involves intuiting natural human flow in a home. Merchandising showcases products persuasively, interior design environments welcomingly. Different purposes unified by envisioning movement and interaction within a space.

That foundation enabled me to find new purpose in unveiling the potential of spaces by infusing them

with the stories and lives of those they serve. I’m appreciative for the di

verse experiences that allow me to constantly learn and expand my gifts.

Now I warmly embrace the opportunity to share those skills in a new form that unifies my love of design with serving others.

Let's start designing your perfect home!"

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