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Join a Gift Economy

The generosity of strangers always makes my day. As you know Reloved Interiors is all about finding affordable, easy, personality rich additions which can be woven into folks current lives, to create an entirely new and fresh feel for their space and spirits.

So recently I was able to acquire some fantastic and FREE items from my local Buy Nothing Sell Nothing Facebook Group.

  • Memory Foam Mattress

  • Metal Bed Frame

  • Storage Unit

ALL FREE. I updated a guest room and they were able to pass on things to a neighbor they know will use it.

✅Reduced our landfills ♻️

✅met some kind neighbors

✅created a warmer space which elevated the vibration

All good vibes up in there now. Reach out and join your local gift economy this holiday and share the goodness. Facebook Groups are wonderful resources for passing on things you don't use and promoting reuse, supporting sustainability and making new friends. #facebook #sustainabledesign #reducereuserecycle #BuyNothing #Relovedny ♻️♻️♻️

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