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Color me with positive vibrations…

Say bye to your neutral, bland, and boring walls because it’s time to take your interiors to a whole new level of audacity. We’re not talking about graffiti, we’re talking about the art of adding color to your space to make it more interesting. COLOR BLOCKING! Walls have become more than just dividers in our interior spaces where we hang and display our most prized possessions. Color has become a backdrop in our lives that represents our character and spirit. Here are five reasons why you should definitely consider color blocking your walls!

1. Color blocking creates a focal point.

If you are looking for an inexpensive and easy way to revamp and redesign your interior space, paint is your friend. To create a focal point in your room, choose complementary colors to put emphasis on a beige or ecru painted wall. Accentuate your neutral wall with a funky geometric design and pair it with a statement-making furniture piece and voila!

2. It adds personality to the room

Color in interior design is used as visual communicators. A space that is well lit and painted with bright bold colors, evokes a cheerful and welcoming character. Yellows and greens signify calmness and serenity while deep complementary hues such as red and purple give off a more sophisticated and elegant feel.

3. It sets the mood

Choosing a color to paint a room often depends on its function. Yellows and oranges are hues that evoke energy, creativity, and warmth which is perfect for a bright and welcoming living room color scheme. Blues are considered serene and induce productivity

4. Creates Visual Balance

When we enter a room, our eyes tend to focus more on the brightest colors. This is because bright colors absorb more light which stimulates our eye. That is why it is also important to choose the right color combination in color blocking so as not to overwhelm the visual appearance of your space. In order not to exaggerate the use of color, pair it with neutral tones to maintain visual harmony and balance. Neutral tones are best for backdrops. Keeping the background organic and subtle also helps to add emphasis on the furniture pieces and decors in the room.

5. Makes the room look more vibrant

Go bold or go home. It’s all about making your space come to life! One of the ways to create a statement with your interiors is to incorporate a burst of contrasting and striking colors. Make your walls your canvas for expressing yourself.

Be adventurous and play with patterns and don’t be afraid to try creative and artistic methods to color your walls. Vibrant interior spaces are motivating, reduce stress, and make us feel more cheerful and optimistic. Something we all could use a dose of right now.

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