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Ceiling Treatments that WOW!

When you enter a room, what is the first thing that catches your attention? It could be a sophisticated piece of furniture, a huge, eye-catching décor item, or maybe a grand chandelier. There are many ways that you can create a focal point in your interior that draws the eye but nothing compares to the astonishing impression of a wonderfully designed ceiling. It demands you to look up and feel wowed. It becomes more than just the fifth wall in the room. It’s the cherry on top. The crowning glory of your interior composition. It’s the perfect focal point.

So, what’s the best way to make your ceiling stand out?

1. Paint

White is perhaps every designer’s go-to paint color when they are trying to play safe. White is cool, t’s sleek, minimal, and elegant and is perfect if you are aiming for a more contemporary clean look. A white ceiling brightens the room and makes it feel more spacious. BUT there is also a lot that you can do to maximize the look of your ceiling with colors. Brightly colored ceilings add playfulness and personality to your room. You can go as far as creating colorful geometric patterns or murals. The sky is the limit!

2. Wallpaper

Wallpapers are fun and affordable. It’s a great ceiling treatment if you are planning to redesign your space on a budget. There’s a lot of designs and patterns to choose from which makes the process even more fun. It allows you to experiment with fewer constraints. Patterned wallpapers liven up the ceiling and give off an element of surprise that draws the eye and add interest to the room.

3. Coffered

Coffered ceilings are patterns with geometric recesses, often squares, and adorned with classical carvings or a patterned wallpaper inset for a dynamic contemporary look. Nowadays these ceiling treatments can be made of PVC or Foam so the costs have become well within reach. Check out Wayfair to see what they offer.

4. Exposed Wood Beams

Beams are the framework of the ceiling and we tend to keep them hidden and layer a new ceiling treatment for design purposes. But with the rise of the rustic farmhouse trend, people are loving the raw and natural look of exposed wood beams. The design represents the homeliness of country living incorporated in a more streamlined contemporary look. It’s just the perfect combination for a look that is pleasing to the eye and mind. There are real and faux options available. I like Wayfair or Etsy as a resource.

5. Industrial Style

Effortless yet stylish. The industrial treated ceiling design has gained attraction among people who love the straightforward and easy-to-maintain-process of making an interior space stand out. Your ceiling doesn’t have to be in rigid black and white palette to get the industrial look. It’s all about a matter of creative innovation so you can transform your room into a modish looking interior that is not only low cost but also sustainable. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

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