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Feeling uninspired when you enter your home? Owner or renter the truth is, coming home to the same “meh” space can have dramatic effects on your mood, creativity, and overall sense of well-being.

Small shifts in layout, lighting, and décor can make big changes that open up new energy, add warmth, inspire creativity, and refresh your perspective, all on a budget you can afford.

Reloved solves design dilemmas by taking into account the person, how they live, and how they want to feel in the space.  Finding solutions is as unique as is the person.

The Reloved Process

Interior Design Graphic thought process

design dilemma

Understanding the client’s design dilemma, taking into account their, design style, personality, lifestyle, and budget + how they want to feel in the space.


Understanding what things they currently have to work with, learning about personal pieces of pride, and discussing a client's bandwidth for change. Together we devise a way forward to freshen the space.

hunt and gather

Using many of the things they already own and shopping the Pre-loved Marketplace first, I look for goods that are affordable, to create warm and functional
interior updates.

relovE the space

Reloving the space, we incorporate the new finds amongst the currently owned items, adding special touches like lighting, painting, and textiles in order to create a real transformation.

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